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Wheat Germ Oil


Wheat germ oil is derived from the small embryo found within the wheat kernel. It boasts various natural properties that are highly beneficial for our general health and has a distinct nutty odor. Wheat germ oil is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals essential for regulating various crucial body functions.

Wheat germ oil is renowned as nature's richest source of vitamin E, whose benefits are widespread, particularly in skincare. Due to its high vitamin E content, wheat germ oil possesses numerous skin benefits.

It is effective for treating skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, and it actively works on burns and skin ulcers. As a topical application, it provides substantial relief for dry skin.

Wheat germ oil is also beneficial for the overall health of the skin as it enhances blood circulation when applied externally. It aids in healing skin cells damaged by the harsh sun, combats conditions like dermatitis, and diminishes scarring.

Wheat Germ Oil Benefits for the Hair:

  1. Wheat germ oil contains fatty acids longer than those found in other hair oils, such as coconut oil; this is why it nourishes and conditions hair more effectively.
  2. Its moisturizing and conditioning properties are capable of repairing damaged hair at a faster rate and help prevent further hair loss.
  3. The vitamin B present in wheat germ oil promotes new tissue growth, thus encouraging new hair growth in terms of length and volume. Healthy hair growth begins with a healthy scalp and hair roots, both of which are supported by the regular use of wheat germ oil.