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Shea Butter


Shea butter is one of the most versatile beauty ingredients for daily use. It is incredibly nourishing and adds moisture to hair and skin. It helps remedy dry skin and protects its natural oils. Shea butter reduces skin inflammation, effectively tackling acne. Consistent use during and after pregnancy wards off and reduces stretch marks, as it aids in the skin's natural collagen production.

It serves as an excellent sealant of moisture in hair, repairs natural hair breakage, and smooths and softens afro hair strands. It does not cause build-up and protects against sunlight and heat damage. Additionally, it helps with scalp and skin issues such as eczema, dandruff, and dermatitis.

How to Use Organic Shea Butter

  1. Use Raw. Take a dime amount in your palm and rub it all over your skin. The warmth from your hands will melt the butter, deeply moisturizing your skin—perfect for the extra dry winter months.
  2. Deep Conditioning Treatment. Gently melt your organic shea butter on the stovetop. Use the liquid shea butter in Ayurvedic hair recipes, adding it to henna or herbs and mixing well. This mixture works as a deep conditioning treatment—leave on hair for 30 minutes to an hour. Wash out thoroughly, as it is a heavy moisture treatment and may require extra shampooing.
  3. Whip Your Shea Butter Up! Soften your organic shea butter in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, or by placing it in a bowl and floating that in hot water. Once softened (not liquid), add your preferred hair oils (cold-pressed and organic) such as olive, grape seed, golden jojoba, or sweet almond oil, and essential oils like vanilla, tea tree, lemongrass, rosemary, lavender, and clary sage. Blend with a hand blender for 4-5 minutes or until fluffy. The ratio is 1 ounce of shea butter to 1/2 tsp of hair oils and about 2-3 drops of essential oil.
  4. Foot Treatment. Apply a thick layer of raw organic shea butter to your feet, including the soles. Cover with a sock and leave on overnight. In the morning, shower to remove any excess butter. This treatment heals cracked feet and leaves them feeling nourished and soft.
  5. Raw, Dry Skin Spots. Apply a thick layer of raw shea butter to dry and raw skin areas. Let it penetrate deeply and leave on either all day or overnight.
  6. Hair Sealant. Use melted or whipped organic shea butter to apply as a leave-in moisturizer or to treat dry, damaged hair ends. It helps to seal and maintain protective hairstyles.
  7. Heat is OK. Shea butter can be used with heat treatments and styling.
  8. Scalp Soothing and Healing. Organic shea butter will soothe and heal irritated and inflamed scalp conditions.
  9. Perfect for all hair and skin types.