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Marshmallow Root Powder


Marshmallow Root Powder from Mara Organics is made from exceptionally high-quality Marshmallow roots. Its use stretches back thousands of years, with Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans using Marshmallow Root to treat many ailments. Among its many traditional uses, it was employed to make possibly the first-ever cough sweets.

Marshmallow Root Powder can be encapsulated, mixed with water, or added to smoothies.

Suggested Use:

Encapsulate, mix with water, or add Marshmallow Root Powder to smoothies.

Suggested Dose: 2 - 3 grams of Marshmallow Root Powder 2 - 3 times per day or as directed by a Herbal Practitioner.


Marshmallow Root is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals. If taking prescription medications, consult healthcare professionals before use.

Marshmallow Root Powder for Hair

Marshmallow root powder leaves hair soft, shiny, silky, and light, ideal for mixing with strengthening Ayurvedic powders. It volumizes hair, making it look fuller and easier to style. As a detangler, it reduces damage from combing and brushing. Unlike conventional conditioners, it keeps hair conditioned and thickened until the next wash, proving itself as an environmentally friendly option that truly works.

The Benefits of Marshmallow Root Powder for Hair:

  1. Softens and makes hair flexible
  2. Adds lustrous shine
  3. Thickens hair strands
  4. Provides natural body and bounce
  5. Enhances waves and curls
  6. Promotes hair growth
  7. Reduces split ends and damage
  8. Balances dry and itchy scalps
  9. Tames frizz and flyaways
  10. Nourishes hair and scalp
  11. Ensures long-lasting conditioning
  12. Ideal for sensitive skin and scalp
  13. Protects against UV radiation
  14. Rich in nutrients for hair and scalp
  15. Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory
  16. Safe for sensitive skin, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis
  17. Friendly to the eyes compared to normal conditioners