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Nupur Henna


Nupur Henna is a natural, plant-based hair strengthener that's safe to use and adds deep, vibrant color to your hair.

It acts as a good conditioner for your hair and helps to prevent dandruff, reduce breakage, and hair shedding.

This package contains 100% henna powder and contains no chemicals, pesticides, or PPD.

It is safe to use on all hair types: natural and relaxed.

How to use:

Measure out the right amount of henna powder needed for your hair. Place it in your mixing bowl. Slowly add your liquid of choice (e.g., warm water, black tea, lemon juice, etc.) to the powder, mix into a thick paste. Once mixed, cover the bowl and let it sit for 1-3 hours to allow for dye release. Once the dye has released, apply it to your hair and scalp. Leave the henna paste in your hair for at least 3-4 hours.

Key features:

100% organic and natural henna


Main material: Powder

Weight (grams): 120