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Garlic Essential Oil


Garlic is 100% pure and natural essential oil, steam distilled from Allium sativum bulbs.

Our 100% pure and high-quality oils are great for aromatherapy, baths, cold compresses, facial steams, massage, and diffusers. Feel the benefit of wholly natural essential oils!

Garlic essential oil has a very strong, pungent garlic aroma, is yellow in color, and is extracted from garlic cloves via steam distillation. It is filled with antioxidants and is well-known for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

Garlic essential oil nourishes hair by stimulating blood flow to the scalp, which encourages hair growth rather than loss or breakage.

It adds body and shine to your hair, resulting in the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

Garlic also helps relieve dry hair and a dry or itchy scalp.


It is mainly used in vapor therapy, aromatherapy, massage, hair care bath, and skincare

Due to the very powerful nature of this scent, we advise caution before use - one drop goes a long way!