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Fenugreek Essential Oil


Our Fenugreek Oil is a yellowish liquid widely used in medicines and cooking. It may not be as popular as other oils, but it is an essential oil obtained from seeds with a large number of health benefits. Additionally, the oil contains volatile compounds used for aromatherapy. It is soluble in various solvents but completely insoluble in water. Furthermore, the oil blends well with cinnamon essential oil for aromatherapy. Its powerful aroma, with a bitter tone, makes it suitable for aroma products. The fragrance of this oil resembles that of lovage. Additionally, the oil possesses several properties such as anticancer, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant.


This oil is extracted through steam distillation of fenugreek plant seeds, a herbaceous legume with a pleasing aroma. These seeds contain various nutrients and offer numerous health benefits. It is a medicinal herb whose leaves are also used as vegetables and seeds as spices.


The oil has a wide range of healing properties, including:

Anti-Viral: Fights against certain viruses
Anti-Inflammatory: Reduces skin inflammation
Immunomodulatory: Modulates and enhances the functioning of the immune system
Circulant: Boosts blood circulation
Antispasmodic: Prevents muscle spasms
Anti-Cancer: Has anticarcinogenic properties
Galactagogue: Enhances lactation
Expectorant: Ensures proper release of throat phlegm
Beta cell stimulant: Stimulates the pancreas' beta cells
Antioxidant: Prevents cell damage from free radicals
Neuroprotective: Protects the nervous system
Hypotensive: Alleviates hypertension
Phytoestrogen: Mimics estrogen, the female hormone

Uses of the Oil

The exotic aroma of fenugreek oil makes it highly beneficial in aromatherapy. To spread its aroma, add a few drops to a vaporizer, oil burner, or diffuser. This can reduce blood pressure, relax and calm the mind and nervous system, and stimulate sweating. Due to the properties mentioned above, fenugreek oil provides several benefits, including being added to different products to stimulate lactation, used in solutions to kill mosquito larvae, preventing acne, reducing inflammation, and providing relief against itching and swelling, among others.