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Cassia Obovata


Organic Cassia Obovata will leave your hair glossy, stronger, thicker, dandruff-free, and healthy. Cassia provides all the benefits of henna without coloring dark hair tones. For those with light hair shades such as blond, strawberry blond, or grey, cassia will color your hair and uplift your natural tone. Although "neutral henna" is a misleading term, it shares some of henna's lasting conditioning properties. However, any conditioning or color from cassia fades after a month or two. It leaves your hair with amazing shine and volume. Note that senna cannot lighten your hair, only impart transparent golden tones to natural colors. You can achieve various tones with cassia, including golden blond, strawberry blond (along with henna), and copper (also with henna).

How to Use: Mix the product with water to a paste-like consistency. Apply over the scalp and hair, let it sit for 20-30 minutes, and rinse with warm water. Condition your hair afterward.

This package contains 100% cassia powder with no chemicals, pesticides, or PPD. It is safe for all hair types, natural and relaxed.

Key Features:

100% organic and natural cassia powder (Cassia obovata).